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Chinzen Construction Machinery Company is a China construction machinery manufacturer in China, we offer several kinds of heavy equipments such as wheel loader, road roller, asphalt pavers, concrete pavers, backhoe loader, and others construction and heavy equipments and machines. We have had 18 years of manufacturing experience of road loader, wheel loader and so on. And we have exported the heavy equipments and machines to some foreigner countries as we have exported road rollers to Russia, Mexico, five countries in Central Asia, And Philippine etc.

We have 4 lines and more than 280 manufacturing equipments and machines make us have the production capacity to reach over 6000 sets per year various heavy equipments and construction machinery including 1T, 3Tt, 5T wheel loaders, combined asphalt concrete pavers, road rollers, backhoe loaders, our major products are ZL wheel loaders, WZ backhoe loader, JZZ vibrating single drum road rollers, LTU asphalt pavers, and more than 3000 sets of wheel loaders. Besides the heavy equipments and construction machinery, we also offer the parts of heavy equipment and construction machines.

We basically control the elements which are related with the quality as professional staff, well-trained manufacturing workers, materials and heavy equipment parts manufactured by partners. We focus on the processes of manufacturing and management. And actively invited the inspecting from other company and participate any quality inspection both from China government and international inspection firms. We have obtained ISO9001-2000 certificates.

Our factory is located in XuZhou where is the base of heavy equipments and construction machinery, it almost has full chain parts of manufacturing any heavy equipments, it means that we do not need to go far from our factory to buy the parts we needs, parts suppliers have complete competitive price, and without long distance transportation cost, plenty of workers together have us to offer international high quality with competitive price road roller, wheel loader, backhoe loaders.

Main Products
  • 3000KG Wheel Loader ZL35E The machine is designed with a novel appearance.
    The wheel loader uses the key-block type propeller shaft characterized by high impact resistance and reliable transmission of power.
    The machine employs the articulated frame, assisting with the small turning radius, so the machine can operate flexibly.
  • 5000KG Wheel Loader ZL50E Having the hydraulic steering system, power shifting transmission and hydraulic controlled working device, the 5000KG wheel loader, ZL50E can achieve flexible and convenient operation.
    Equipped with the optimized hydraulic system, the machine can save more time and energy.
    With the single
  • 5000KG Wheel Loader ZL5OG The 5000KG wheel loader, ZL50G is equipped with the coaxial flow amplification system, so the machine can achieve flexible steering. With the hydraulic pilot operation device, the machine operates conveniently.
    The wheel loader has an automatic leveling device to improve the ...
  • Asphalt Concrete Paver LTU95 The asphalt concrete paver LTU95 has multi functions. The machine is used for paving asphalt on various high-grade highways and expressways and is used for paving various stable layers. Its traveling, material feeding and distributing systems all are fully hydraulic driven and controlled by microcomputer. Equipped with...
  • Tire Road Roller JZL30A The pneumatic tire is employed to compact the layer spacing which causes no damage to the compacted materials. The kneading action produced from the elasticity of tires can make the layering materials move in any direction, to evenly,tightly and seamlessly compact the road surface and prolong the service life of road.