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The disk brake is used for loader ZL30, ZL40 and ZL50, large cargo trucks, pavers, large tractors and so on.

Disk brake (interior and exterior brake caliper) ¢75×4
Disk brake SOMA (T) ¢75×4
Disk brake SOMA ¢75×4
Disk brake MK21B ¢54×2

Technical Specifications of Disk Brake

Matching Product Name No. Figure No. of Brake Size Braking Mode Braking Moment (Nm)
Loader ZL50, ZL40 and ZL30 (disk type) 1 75700444 Φ75X4 Liquid 10750 N.M
2 84741303 Φ75X4 Liquid 10750 N.M
3 4819303/84861303 Φ75X4 Liquid 10750 N.M
4 84408302 Φ75X4 Liquid 10750 N.M
5 ZL40.14.4C Φ75X4 Liquid 10750 N.M
Paver (disk type) 1 75700432B-1 Φ75X4 Liquid 10750 N.M
2 MK21B-K-00 Φ54X2 Liquid 10440 N.M

1. We are experienced in producing disk brakes, among which the SOMA disk brake uses the French design. Its brake caliper body uses the QT500-7 nodular cast iron and its piston uses the high quality alloy steel (40Cr). The sealing materials are nitrile butadiene rubber, fluororubber and EPDM rubber. The friction plate of this kind of disk plate employs the non-asbestos materials.
2. The automatic production line containing CNC technology is used to process the brake caliper body, with the tatk time is 4~4.5min. This line is the only one in China used for processing the brake caliper body of disk brake and has the advantages of high processing accuracy and high production efficiency that cannot be reached by the ordinary machine tool.
3. The brake caliper body is cleaned by the automatic stepping-type cleaning machine and special cleaning agent. We also have the semi-automatic assembly line and advanced pressure test equipment and comprehensive test bench. All of the disk brake will have the performance and sealing inspection to ensure the products are 100% qualified. A dedicated gauge inspection tool is also used to inspect the processing of parts.

Feedback Form

The disk brake is hydraulically actuated by the working cylinder to inhibit the motion of moving machinery. It is an important component of the engineering machinery and equipment, and is well received because of its good braking performance under harsh environment. Our disc brake adopts integrated design and is produced by the fully automatic production line. This effectively reduces the production cost and makes our disk brake cheaper than the similar products. In order to further improve the quality of our disk brake, the brake caliper using integrated casting molding technology improves the airtight performance of the cylinder. In addition, the piston within the cylinder is made of special wear-resistant alloy materials and goes through the forming and finishing process and surface hardening heat treatment, which ensures high quality of the piston and significantly increases the service life of the cylinder. The dimensions and setting accuracy of the cylinder is strictly controlled to ensure good air tightness. Therefore, our disk brake using a series of innovative technologies enjoys good quality and price advantage.

Feedback Form
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