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Some of the drum brakes have a compensation device and brake cylinder. The drum brake is used for automobile crane QY12T, QY16T, QY20T, QY25T, QY30T, QY50T and QY75T, etc., big tonnage cargo truck, pavers, graders, road rollers and excavators and so on. Both the brake shoe and brake bracket use the nodular cast iron, and the friction plate employs the non-asbestos materials. The processing line including processing center, CNC lathe and special purpose machine tool is used to process the brake shoe and brake bracket. The traditional riveting technology is used to process the friction plate and brake shoe and can achieve reliable linkage. Using the milling and grinding process, the drum brake features high precision and sound performance. There are more than 20 kinds of products for you to choose.

Drum brake C109 ¢414×120
Drum brake QY16 ¢420×150
Drum brake C223 ¢420×160
Drum brake C208 ¢414×200
Drum brake C214(T) ¢500×150
Drum brake C214 ¢500×150
Drum brake C116 ¢500×150
Drum brake C103 ¢414×120
Hand brake ZL40, 50

Technical Specifications of Drum Brake

Matching Product Name No. Figure No. of Brake Size Braking Mode Braking Moment (Nm)
Automobile crane QY12T, QY16T, QY20T, QY25T, QY30T, QY50T Series, etc. 1 84008000 Φ420X160 Gas 27021.72 N.M
2 72003953,954 Φ414X150 Gas 32940.82 N.M
3 72004201 Φ500X150 Liquid 17708.35 N.M
4 72004181 Φ500X150 Gas 12046.77N.M
5 84762000 Φ500X200 Gas 21600 N.M
6 84760000 Φ500X200 Gas 21600 N.M
7 79601004 Φ420X150 Gas 13578.84 N.M
8 84779000 Φ420X160 Gas
9 72003922,923 Φ414X120 Gas 26343.25 N.M
10 84855000,005 Φ420X160 Gas
11 72004050 Φ414X200 Gas
12 84806000 Φ414X200 Gas
13 84412000 Φ414X120 Liquid 11693.22 N.M
14 84413000 Φ414X120 Liquid 11693.22 N.M
15 72005730 Φ414X120 Liquid 11693.22 N.M
16 72005760 Φ414X120 Liquid 11693.22 N.M
17 84033500,600 Φ420X150 Gas 13578.84 N.M
Big tonnage dump truck (drum type) 1 84760000 Φ500X200 Gas
2 84762000 Φ500X200 Gas
3 84008000 Φ420X160 Gas
4 5454200002 Φ500X200 Gas
5 5454200202 Φ500X240 Gas
Grader (drum type) 1 58000021 Liquid
2 GR500.20.2.1 Liquid
Excavator (drum type) 1 WEQ100200 Liquid
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The drum brake is a brake in which the friction is caused by a set of brake shoes or pads that press against a rotating drum. It is an important part of the engineering equipment, and has low price and good braking performance. The brake shoe and brake drum of the similar drum brake are more prone to deformation under high temperature, thereby decreasing the braking efficiency. In order to avoid this problem, our drum brake equipped with a unique automatic self-adjuster is made of new materials with high temperature stability and processed by using precision CNC machining technology. This drum brake has pneumatic and hydraulic two brake mode for operation, and is widely used in the brake system of QY12T, QY16T, QY20T, QY25T, QY30T, QY50T truck cranes, large tonnage dump trucks, road rollers and other heavy machinery. The adoption of new technologies and new materials has dramatically increased the product performance, so our drum brake is now well received by customers both at home and abroad.

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