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  • Backhoe Loader WZ30-25 Model: WZ30-25
    Front bucket width mm: 2250
    Wheel base mm: 2600
    Wheel tread mm: 1700
    Min. ground clearance mm: 340
  • Backhoe Loader WZ30-32 Model: WZ30-32
    Front bucket width mm: 2470
    Wheel base mm: 2770
    Wheel tread mm: 1700
    Min. ground clearance mm: 340

The backhoe loader is used in urban and rural road construction and maintenance, cable laying, electricity and airport project, municipal construction, rural residential construction and various other construction engineering projects. As a kind of small sized multi-function engineering machinery, this machine is generally used in small projects after the large project is completed. The loader can be equipped with various working devices and auxiliary equipment to conduct many kinds of operations like digging, shoveling, road crushing, ground leveling and pipe laying, etc.

1. Having the hydraulic steering system, power shifting transmission and hydraulic controlled working device, the backhoe loader can achieve flexible and convenient operation.
2. Both the instrument panel and seat cab be freely adjusted. The whole machine features a humanized design.
3. The transmission system is equipped with the perfect components of ZL30 wheel loader to ensure the safe operation of the machine.
4. With the hydraulic pilot operation device, the backhoe loader can conduct compound motion of excavating equipment. The machine can operate effectively.
5. Its rear axle can oscillate up and down around the line of chassis to make the tires have sound adhesive force and enable the whole machine to have sound off-road performance and trafficability.

The backhoe loader is a piece of multi-functional engineering machinery that combines the backhoe and loader into one unit. It is widely used in road paving, water conservancy project, building construction, farmland construction, pipeline laying, and many other projects. This road construction equipment mainly consists of the powertrain, loading part, and digging part. Its appearance is novel and unique, and the structure of the backhoe loader is compact. Compared with the large-scale single-function digger, this heavy equipment can move around on various construction sites and even run on the highway. Our backhoe loader adopts the engine with high dynamic performance, which provides powerful horsepower and quick startup of the machine. It also uses the full hydraulic steering for easy operation and agile control. In addition, the cab of our backhoe loader is spacious and bright, and integrates the human-based design concept, ensuring comfortable and secure driving process. In order to meet market demand, our company through has continuously developed various types of multi-functional backhoe loaders, such as WZ30-25 and WZ30-32 models for option.