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Backhoe Loader WZ30-32
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Backhoe Loader WZ30-32
Model WZ30-32
Item Unit Specifications
Front bucket width mm 2470
Wheel base mm 2770
Wheel tread mm 1700
Min. ground clearance mm 340
Rated bucket capacity m3 1.8
Max. dump height mm 2750
Dumping reach mm 930
Max. digging force kN 112
Total cycling time s 11.5
Min. turning radius mm 5674
Rear bucket capacity m3 0.3
Rear bucket width mm 722
Max. digging depth mm 4500
Max. digging radius mm 5430
Turning point of rear bucket ° ±85
Ⅰ speed (Front/Rear) km/h 6.2/8
Ⅱ speed (Front/Rear) km/h 12/26.5
Ⅲ speed km/h 20
Ⅳ speed km/h 33
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 8500×2250×3450
Weight kg 9500
Max. climbing ability ° 20
Discharge angle at top height ° 45
Steering angle of frame ° 35±1
Swinging angle of rear axle ° ±10
Engine model YC6108G
Type Four stroke water-cooling in-line type
Rated power/rated speed Kw, r/min 92kw/2300r/min

The WZ30-32 backhoe loader is our newly-developed road construction machinery. To avoid the shortcomings of relatively small power and working strength coming with the wheel multi-functional excavator, our backhoe loader optimizes the design of traditional product and has the advantages of high power and good operational performance. This heavy equipment adopts the famous Yuchai YC6108G high-performance diesel engine, which is precisely made with a variety of advanced technologies. Therefore, the dynamic performance of our backhoe is superior to that of similar products in the case of the same fuel consumption. In addition, our multi-functional backhoe loader with increased shovel width and wheelbase also has better excavating capacity compared to similar products. Besides, the design of rear axle swinging up and down around the line of chassis and the rational arrangement of stabilizer legs ensure good adhesive force of the tires, and also enables the whole backhoe loader to have good off-road capability and trafficability. Our competitive backhoe loader not only enjoys good reputation in the domestic market, but also sells well in many countries and regions across the world.

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