Backhoe Loader WZ30-25

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Backhoe Loader WZ30-25
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Backhoe Loader WZ30-25
Model WZ30-25
Item Unit Specifications
Front bucket width mm 2250
Wheel base mm 2600
Wheel tread mm 1700
Min. ground clearance mm 340
Rated bucket capacity m3 1.0
Max. dump height mm 2650
Dumping reach mm 930
Max. digging force kN 60
Total cycling time s < 8
Min. turning radius mm 4500
Rear bucket capacity m3 0.3
Rear bucket width mm 722
Max. digging depth mm 4500
Max. digging radius mm 5430
Turning point of rear bucket ° ±85
Ⅰspeed (Front/Rear) km/h 6.2/8
Ⅱspeed (Front/Rear) km/h 12/28.5
Ⅲ speed km/h 20
Ⅳ speed km/h 33
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 8000×2250×3350
Weight kg 9500
Max. climbing ability ° 20
Discharge angle at top height ° 45
Steering angle of frame ° 35±1
Swinging angle of rear axle ° ±10
Engine model YC4B90-T3
Type Four stroke water-cooling in-line type
Rated power/rated speed Kw, r/min 65kw/2500r/min

The WZ30-25 backhoe loader is a kind of wheeled road construction machinery, which consists of the power unit, the loading part, and the digging part. With the loader placed on the front of the cab and the backhoe seated on the back, the backhoe loader effectively broadening the scope of the operator's field of vision, and significantly improve the operating efficiency. This heavy equipment vehicle is designed in compliant with the ergonomic principle to ensure comfortable operation for a long time. For example, the steering wheel, dashboard and seats can be freely adjusted, the hydraulic control device allows for single-handed operation, and the power shift features automatic transmission. During the construction process of highway maintenance, the power system of the backhoe loader plays a crucial role in the successful completion of digging and earthmoving. Compared with similar products equipped with ordinary diesel engine, our backhoe loader uses Yuchai YC4B90-T3 high quality supercharged diesel engine. This four-stroke, water-cooled, inline diesel has a high rated power of 65kw and features stable performance, low price, and low fuel consumption. Since put on the market, our loader backhoe has been widely used in the field of civil engineering due to its user-friendly design, good quality and economical price, and has enjoyed good reputation among customers both at home and abroad.

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