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Single-drum Road Roller
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Technical Parameters of Single-drum Road Roller

Single-drum Road Roller
Model JZZ20A JZZ20B
Item Unit Specifications
Operating weight kg 20000 20000
Weight at drum kg 9500 10000
Static linear load N/cm 425 470
Speed range km/h
I Speed 2.63 2.63
II Speed 5.3 5.3
III Speed 8.6 8.6
Theoretical climbing ability ° 30 30
Min. turning radius mm ≤6500 6500
Steering angle ° ±33 ±33
Oscillating angle ° ±10 ±10
Vibration frequency (high/low) Hz 28 33/28
Nominal amplitude (high/low) mm 2.0/1.1 1.9/0.95
Excitation force @ high/low amplitude kN 350/200 353/245
Drum diameter mm 1523 1600
Drum width mm 2178 2130
Engine model D6114ZG2B D6114ZG2B
Rated power KW 128 128
Rated speed r/min 2000 2000
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 6040x2435x3360 6290x2385x3240

Comfortable Driving
The JZZ20 single-drum road roller is equipped with a cab that uses a man-machine engineering design. The cab has full view and wide inner space to facilitate the driver to operate comfortably.

Convenient Operation
The cab has a man-machine engineering instrument panel and maneuvering box with a synchronous transmission device. The road roller achieves labor-saving operation and reduces the operator's labor intensity. A dedicated drive axle is used to enable the roller to have a powerful tractive force.

Energy Conservation and Environment Protection
The machine uses the Shangchai 114 Series water-cooling pressurization engine featuring low noise and meets the Euro I emission standard. With its maintenance-free storage battery, the roller can start easily at low temperature.

Superior Performance
The single-drum road roller uses an imported piston-type gear pump and motor, smoothing the machine startup and vibration stop, and ensuring the high compacting quality. With the cylindrical structure, the machine features sound rigidity and high strength. Its bearing uses the short cylindrical bearing characterized by high limiting speed and high bearing ability. Its vibration chamber is set symmetrically to avoid the polarization compact of the roller. When the roller operates, the vibration bearing can be lubricated. Its lubrication mode is simple and convenient. The fault rate of the lubrication system is extremely low.

Optional Configuration
The single-drum road roller can be matched with the integralconvex-shaped tire and separated convex-shaped tire.

Convenient Maintenance
The engine hood is electronically controlled, safe and reliable, and easy to maintain. It can achieve a wide opening angle.

The single-drum road roller is commonly used in road construction industry. It is equipped with a reliable hydraulic vibration system. Its vibration drum diameter is up to 1600mm and the vibration frequency is between 28HZ and 33HZ. With high working efficiency and strong compaction force, the single-drum road roller can be used to compact gravel, soil, concrete, and many other related road construction materials.

In order to ensure reliable performance and long service life, we equip the single-drum road roller with international famous brand hydraulic elements, drive axle, and transmission system. Meanwhile, this engineering machinery is rear wheel driven, which assures easy operation and convenient maintenance. In addition, the road roller is designed with an online device to detect the soil-compaction condition during operation. The single-drum road roller also comes with a driver's cab with an air conditioning system, adjustable steering wheel and a human machine operation panel, providing operators a comfortable operational environment. Thus, operators won't feel fatigue easily and offers higher working efficiency.

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