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Tire Road Roller
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Comfortable Driving
The JZL30 tire road roller is equipped with a cab that is designed with full view. Its inner space is capacious and bright, and facilitates the driver to operate comfortably.

Convenient Operation
The cab of the tire road roller is equipped with two steering wheels, dual operator seats and two sets of independent operation control systems. The bilateral manipulation mode can effectively reach the dead space in the curve and corner of a road. The tire road roller uses an electric controlled variable speed design and has two speeds. The electronic control joystick uses a man-machine engineering design, achieving comfortable hand feeling and easy operation, to greatly alleviate the driver's labor intensity.

Technical Parameters of Tire Road Roller

Tire Road Roller
Item Unit Specifications
Min. working mass kg 14500 13900
Max. working mass kg 30000 30000
Counter water weight kg 3500 1100
Counter lump weight kg 12000 15000
Theoretical climbing ability ° 20 20
Min. turning radius mm 9000 9000
Min. ground clearance mm 290 290
Compacting width mm 2750 2365
Ground pressure kpa 260~450 250~480
Speed range
I Speed km/h 0~8 0~8
II Speed 0~16 0~16
Tire specification 11.00-20 13/80-20
Tire quantity (Front) 5 (Rear) 6 (Front) 4 (Rear) 5
Model D6114ZG6B D6114ZG6B
Rated speed r/min 2000 2000
Rated power kw 132 132
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 5060x2845x3380 5060x2466x3380

Superior Performance
The pneumatic tire is employed to compact the layer spacing which causes no damage to the compacted materials. The kneading action produced from the elasticity of tires can make the layering materials move in any direction, to evenly,tightly and seamlessly compact the road surface and prolong the service life of road. The tire road roller uses front wheel swing structure, so the machine can ensure the even wheel grounding pressure and the effective compaction of any part of the compacted materials when the machine operates on uneven ground.

Unique Structure
The tire road roller transmission system uses a hydrodynamic transmission with CVT (constant-voltage transformer) performance to transmit power. The roller is started by the torque converter, can change speed slowly, and has no impact. The machine can reduce the shear stress to the road and improve the compaction quality. Its hydrodynamic driven torque converter gives the roller self-adaptability to enable the diesel engine and transmission system to operate under the rated workingcondition and prolong the service life of roller.

Safety and Reliability
Its braking system has emergency braking mode and hand braking mode. The emergency braking mode uses a drum brake system that has the advantages of safety performance and durability. The hand braking uses the spring brake, which supplements and restraints each other with the foot brake. The spring brake is safe and reliable.

Superior Function
The water sprinkler system has complete functions such as electric water spraying, dynamic water-jet, external pumping and internal water supplementing and so on. The automatic water supplementing function can supplement the counter water into the water-jet box and reuse the water in the box to avoid the rusting of the machine from the stagnant water and can meet different requirements.

Environmentally Friendly
The tire road roller is equipped with an engine that has the advantages of energy saving, low consumption, low noise, reliable quality and excellent performance.

Easy Maintenance
The engine hood can be opened easily. It uses a reversible cover plate structure that can smooth the inspection and maintenance of the storage battery, water pump system and so on.

The tire road roller is a kind of engineering vehicle manufactured for use in road and foundation construction. It is used to compact road construction materials such as soil, asphalt concrete and more in the construction of expressways, seaports, airports and more. Our tire road roller is designed with 11 wheels in total, including 5 front wheels and 6 rear wheels. It mainly takes advantages of its own weight and its wheels to offer static force to compact and increase the density of road construction materials. Due to this, it is also called static road roller, and the final road surface is smooth and durable. This road construction equipment has a high traveling speed up to 16km/h.

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