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Asphalt Concrete Paver LTU95
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The asphalt concrete paver LTU95 has multi functions. The machine is used for paving asphalt on various high-grade highways and expressways and is used for paving various stable layers. Its traveling, material feeding and distributing systems all are fully hydraulic driven and controlled by microcomputer. Equipped with a hopper with large capacity, the machine can achieve high production efficiency. Using the CAN bus control mode, the machine is equipped with liquid crystal display (LCD), achieving sound human-computer interface. It is also equipped with a hydraulic pressure telescoping system and has a vibrating screed.

Technical Parameters of Asphalt Concrete Paver LTU95

Asphalt Concrete Paver LTU95
Model LTU95
Item Unit Specifications
Basic paving width m 3
Max. paving width m 9.5
Max. paving thickness mm 350
Paving speed m/min 0~18
Travel speed km/h 0~2.2
Theoretical productivity t/h 700
Hopper capacity t 14
Climbing capacity ° 20
Pavement evenness mm/3m ≤2
Transverse slope leveling tolerance % ±0.02
Arch adjustment range % -1~3
Diesel engine model D6114
Power kw 140
Speed r/min 2300
Capacity of fuel tank L 270
Machine weight t 24~28
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 6760X3000X3880
Vibration frequency Hz 0~50
Screed heating mode Air heated by single-head blower
Material leveling control mode Ultrasonic control mode
Automatic leveling mode Digital

The LTU95 asphalt concrete paver is applicable for working on various road conditions, and is primarily composed of a paver and a screed. Its total weight is between 24 tons and 28 tons, and its overall dimension is 6760×3000×3880mm. In order to ensure high performance, the asphalt concrete paver is equipped with a 140kw D6114 diesel engine with rated speed of 2,300rpm and fuel tank capacity of 270L.

The asphalt concrete paver is designed to lay asphalt concrete materials on roadways, and then levels the materials off using a screed. Due to optimized design, this asphalt equipment comes with a maximum paving width of 9.5m and the maximum asphalt concrete paving thickness can be 350mm. Its paving speed is adjustable, ranging from 0 to 18m/min, so as to suit customers' demands. The traveling system, material feeding system and material distribution system of the asphalt concrete paver are hydraulically driven independently and all microcomputer controlled. Meanwhile, the asphalt concrete paving equipment features CAN bus control, LCD display and user friendly operation interface, which makes the equipment operation convenient and simple.

Equipped with ultrasonic material level control system, the asphalt concrete paver is able to achieve accurate control of material feeding and distributing, and meanwhile, it comes with a special type screed heating system to ensure reliable material leveling and compacting performance. The screed's height to road surface is adjustable, allowing for convenient adjustment on paving material thickness.

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