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1600KG Wheel Loader
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With its hydraulic steering system, power shifting transmission and hydraulic controlled working device, the wheel loader can achieve flexible and convenient operation. Equipped with the optimized hydraulic system, the machine can save more time and energy. With the single Z-shape connecting rod mechanism with dust-free hinge point, the equipment achieves a large digging force and high dump height. The wheel loader can be matched with various machines and tools, including a bucket with different capacity, side dump bucket, log fork, lifting tool, weed fork, pallet fork and so on. The machine is suitable for various materials. Using the specially-made wear resistant steel plate for the bucket, the bucket can ensure its long service life.Its new cab is characterized by wide vision and sound sealing. It has a good vibration reduction effect and work environment.

Technical Parameters of 1600KG Wheel Loader

1600KG Wheel Loader
Model ZL16 Wheel Loader
Item Unit Specifications
Bucket capacity m3 0.8±5﹪
Rated load kg 1600
Dump height mm 2350
Dumping reach mm 850
Lifting time s ≤5
Total cycling time s ≤10
Max. tractive force kN 42
Max. digging force kN 50
Articulation angle ° ±35
Min. turning radius mm 5200
Climbing ability ° 30
Wheel base mm 2200
Wheel tread mm 1490
Speed range km/h
Ⅰ (Front/Rear) speed 0-6
Ⅱ (Front/Rear) speed 0-24
Ⅲ speed
Ⅳ speed
Model LR4105G72D (the other power is optional)
Rated power/rated speed Kw, r/min 60kw/2400r/min
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 5780×1960×2860
Weight t 5.4±5﹪
Tire size 16/70-24

The engine hood of the wheel loader can be opened backward making it easy to maintain. With more reasonable distribution of axle load, the wheel loader has a tractive force greater than that of similar machines. The machine is designed with a novel appearance. The wheel loader uses the key-block type propeller shaft characterized by high impact resistance and reliable transmission of power. The machine employs the articulated frame, assisting with the small turning radius, so the machine can operate flexibly.

Our 1600KG wheel loader is equipped with an optional skip bucket. The engineering equipment can be used for loading many kinds of materials and is applicable for operation on various road conditions. It is equipped with a 60kw diesel engine with rated rotation speed of 2400rpm to ensure strong power, high fuel efficiency and less pollution. The wheel loader has an external dimension of 5780×1960×2860mm, weight of approx. 5.4tons, and bucket capacity of approx. 0.86m³. The stepless speed regulation and simple hydraulic drive system improves the stability and the structural strength of the road construction machine. To extend the life of the transmission system and make the machine structure more reasonable, we apply modular design and optimize the component configuration. New technologies, especially mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integrated technology, are used in our 1600KG wheel loader, which improves the reliability and extends the service life of our wheel loaders. Our product has an integral type operation platform with a streamlined design and new style electronic devices, which will monitor the operation condition with a quick response.

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